You don’t have time to work out? Do you?

A one hour workout is only 4% of your day!!

You may say that it takes a lot longer to grab your gym bag, drive there, workout, shower there or at home, and drive home.

No excuse. It’s very easy to take a walk around the ‘hood. Or, vigorously clean and vacuum your home and/or car. Or do some exercises in the living room, lift some hand weights or do some extra trips on the stairs. The list of alternatives is endless…just like excuses.

You can even do a half hour in the morning and be half done! It’s easier to finish of another half hour later that way.

I walk the therapy dog, Bailey. (photos below)

Be kind to yourself. Therapy helps.

Sharon Valentino – Valentino Therapy, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (51746), MA, CHT, LMFTPsychotherapist, Masters Counseling Psychology

small_2315656281Bailey n Santa

Bailey in a box


About Valentino Therapy

Psychotherapist (California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist), artist, animal lover, SF Giants fan...I write mostly about daily life and psychology matters, concerns and disorders and how to get help or help yourself. I write about life and often laugh at it but I also write about very serious matters that affect our lives. I'm a psychotherapist (Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist) with a speciality in addiction, anxiety, depression, achievement, relationships and several other areas, which is work I particularly enjoy but the nature of it requires that I also enjoy other creative and physical pursuits. Personal: I love animals beyond a reasonable measure (reptiles excluded).
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